Twist in the Fantastic Fireworks and Illumination of Niagara Falls on Canada Day

We completed our trolley tour and got down near observation desk. That is what we thought so. After alighting, we realized it was different location than what we had planned. We walked few miles to reach the top of American Falls. We were very much excited to see both illumination and fireworks. Already illumination of the falls had began. Wowww!! what a lovely view it was. Spent 30 minutes enjoying the colours on the falls and capturing photos. Then we started searching for best location to capture fireworks. Before locating the position we tried to understand the place of firework display. After interacting with few people, we positioned our self few minutes before the start. But placing tripod and taking photo in the crowed was not going to be easy. Ahhh... Fireworks was just few minutes to start and battery completely drained out capturing illuminated falls. We were lucky that the near by shop  was opened. We charged till the start of the fireworks.

It was a Canada day. Hence the fireworks was on the Canadian side. The spectacular fireworks display lasted for 10 minutes. There was lot of wow moments during the display. This is the first time we have seen a fireworks in such a large scale and we were happy to capture it. We were initially skeptical about taking photos as we had left the initial place and we had to be content standing behind the crowd. As the event started, we were able to get near the railings and take picture without any obstruction.

Once the fireworks was over, we then proceeded to observation desk. This is another vantage point where one can see the illumination of the falls. It was already 11 pm and we did not feel like leaving the place. We reluctantly left the place. We had to leave as we had to travel back 15 miles and start our Canada tour the next day.

We loved the trip to Niagara falls. What an awesome view it was. "God has planned something special for us".

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Three Sisters islands - Niagara Falls

After enjoying the Bridal Veil falls at "Cave of the Winds", we had plenty of time before Niagara Falls illumination and Fireworks. Hence we decided to visit nearby places. We had two options, take the trolley or have a nice little walk along the path from the Cave of the Winds to 3 sisters islands. We took trolley so that we could cover many places and without getting exhausted.

Three Sisters islands provides different perspective and close up of the river before the water drops into the Horseshoe falls. If you have time while visiting Niagara falls, visit it.  It is a good place to spend some time and great opportunity for taking photos.

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Get a real close to the Niagara falls - Cave of the Winds

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Why Niagara is natural wonder? Wait wait... we will take you along with our wonderful journey to Niagara in our series of posts.
Are you ready  to get wet? Then your first stop should be Cave of the wind from the American side. The entrance is near parking lot 3. After buying the ticket head straight to get the slippers and plastic cover. Put all your belongings inside the cover provided. Then follow the sign and take the elevator to reach the Cave of the wind.

There are series of decks at the falls which takes you to different vantage point. At the lower desk we spotted the rainbow that was playing hide and seek. You can see the full rainbow very near. There was an area where we could even touch the water falls. The top most part of the cave of the wind is the Hurricane Deck. Hurricane Deck is the area where we are real close up to the falls. OMG what a view!!!

Here the falls is directly above us. It is so lovely  to watch the water splashing on us. We were totally mesmerized by the view of Bridal Veil Falls. The thundering sound of the falls, rushing through the rock, the gushing wind partially drenching with the mist makes the falls beautiful. Got wet in spite of the ponchos. Holding the hand together tears were rolling as we gazed at the waterfalls as well as enjoying the rainbow. Our heart was dancing on seeing such a lovely view. We could feel how the mother nature has given the human to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature.

From Canada side one can visit Journey behind the falls. But the experience is different from that of Cave of the winds. We were in dilemma to choose between American side and Canada side. We had brainstormed with friends and relatives who had visited both the sides and we browsed through the websites to get some idea some about the place. We read that, in "Journey behind the falls" one can experience the falls from behind and cannot touch the falls. Finally we decided to go for "Cave of the winds". One day we would like to visit from Canada side.

1) Use waterproof camera/phone to enjoy the mighty Falls
2) During summer, one or two hours before the sunset, the light directly shines on the Bridal Veil falls. This gives photographer chance to take good pictures.
Entry fees:
Cave of the winds(USA) in USD:
Adult: $17.00
Child (6-12 years): $14.00,  (less than 6 years): FREE

Journey-behind-the-falls(Canada) in CAD:
Adult: $16.25 + Tax
 Child (5-12 years): $11+tax, (less than 5 years): FREE 

   American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls

Enjoying at Hurricane Deck:

Map of Cave of the Winds/Parking Lot:

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Soak in the beauty of natural wonder

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This is our first trip to Niagara falls. Only in films and posters did we see boat filled with people in blue, red ponchos and water gushing at the waterfalls. We were in awe of Niagara falls. After long years of wait, we planned our trip and finally made it.

It was 7-8 hours long drive to Niagara falls from Middletown. This is also our first ever long drive outside India. So we were little apprehensive about the journey. It was the start of long weekend in US and it was also a Canada day. But the very site of waterfalls was in our eyes/mind. This urge to see this place was above all other thoughts and we went on with the plan.

On the way we took several breaks. There are service area/rest area every ~35 miles (~56 km). Hundred miles before the destination at the service area we visited tour office. They provide discounts on the tours and guaranteed car park free of cost. But we had our own plans which did not match the tour. We took some brochure related to Niagara falls and left. Based on the information, we modified our plan while on drive.

We checked-in into the Hotel in Buffalo and took short break and freshened up. We were told that getting parking near the waterfalls would be difficult. But we were surprised and happy to find lots of place for parking when we reached at 5 pm. That to close to the attraction.

Wowwwww! what a spectacular waterfalls. This was our reaction when we saw the waterfalls for the first time. We couldn't take our eyes out of it and we were speechless for a moment.

1) There are lots of parking space near "Cave of Winds". Check this place first. Parking fee is as low as $10 for a day.
2) If you don't There is parking place near information center. This is approximately 20 minutes by walk from the "Cave of Winds".


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Cave Temple - Denkanikottai


Denkanikottai is located in Krishnagiri district in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is around 27 km from Hosur and 65 km from Bengaluru.

Why the name Denkanikottai?
There was a demon by name Devakandan who got the astounding strength by way of boon from a 4 faced Lord Brahma. He started troubling the sages as well as the Deva. To kill the demon, Lord Venkatesa took the form of hunter and killed him with the help of the instrument by name Denkani. From that time this place was called by the name Denkanipuram. Then it was named as Denkani kottai (fort). Over a period of time it was renamed as Thenkanikottai.

Cave Temple:
Gavi Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy temple is located in Denkanikottai. As the name suggests, the main deity is Lord Narasimha. Gavi means cave in Kannada. Of the 10 avataars, Lord Narasimha is the intense avatar of Lord Vishnu.

History goes like...

During the period of exile, Pandavas stayed here at the cave. Pandavas sculpted the Lakshmi Narasimha and started worshiping daily. After staying for some time Pandavaas left. Thereafter it was not worshiped. Over a period of time Kaliyuga also started.

There was a king by name Dharmavarma who started ruling this place Denkanikottai. Once he visited the nearby forest for hunting. He didn't get anything even after waiting for a long period of time. Feeling disappointed he started to return. On his way back he saw a small hillock. He was in search of an animal in the cave. He could not find any animal. But instead he found the priceless possession. Can you guess it? Yeah you got it right. It is none other than the sculpture of Lakshmi Narasimha. Even though he could guess that the sculpture is that of God he was not able to identify the deity.

He approached the sage Kanva (who is the immortal) was doing penance. The king took the sage along with him to this cave. Sage on seeing the sculpture, immediately recognised and said this is Lord Lakshmi Narasimha who slayed the demon Hiranyakashipu. The sage narrated the whole incidence about Lord Vishnu taking the form of Narasimha and slayed the atheistic demon. When Prahalaada approached the furious Narasimha, he gave up his aggressiveness and gave the darshan as Lakshmi Narasimha. The sage through his  clairvoyant told that the sculpture was sculpted by the Pandavas. The sage instructed the King to start the pooja for the sculpture which is sure to benefit the people. The King after hearing built the temple around the cave. Thereafter this temple was in prosperity.

During the invasion of the foreigner most of the part in and around this place was demolished and the assets were looted by them. After the incidence this place lost its pride. The poojas were also  stopped. After many years, only on the eve of Lord Narasimha Jeyanti the temple was opened and for the rest of the year it was locked. Since past 10 years with the help of devotees the temple was renovated. Daily pooja is being done.

This hillock is easily approachable by steps as well as by road (though road leading to temple is not good). It has 108 steps.

The procession deity is Vasantavallavaraayar. He is blessing the devotees along with the consorts Sridevi and Boodevi. One would see the procession deity only on the procession days and on special days. For safety reason the procession deity lives in the another temple. During special days deity is specially anointed and adorned.

Special Days: New Year, Thai pongal (usually 14/15th of January), Vaikunda Ekadasi, Narasimha Jeyanti, full moon day and on new moon day.

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