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We the writer, author, photographer designer of this blog. We are couple having a great passion and interest in travelling and visiting places. Hence is the reason we call ourselves travel enthusiasts and would like to introduce our-self. We as a couple like to share our journey of travel.

Sriram and Krithiga:
When we were kid we used to travel many  places.  Our parents also loved travelling and like that we have visited many places.  Each stage of our life we grew up visiting new places. We got married and initially we did not know much on our common interest. Like the roads meet, rivers join, we too started our journey of life holding hands to travel together.

In fact our first idea came out when we started off with honeymoon. We then came to know that both of share great common interest. Believe us, we were really happy that travel was one of it. After marriage when we had been to our honeymoon trip, we blossomed as a great  Travel lovers. How the petals of the flower are spread out in all direction we also love to explore in all direction both in India as well as International.

Sri working in a IT sector company is a great photographer and Kri who teaches music and Sanskrit, is a great author. We put in our ideas together and try to build this blog. We reside in Bangalore. We use Nikon DSLR camera for our flicks.

Most of us think that travelling relaxes us. Of course it's a great stress buster.  But there are many things we learn from travelling right from flight, train, hotel rooms etc. we come to know about the history, various cultures, behaviors of the people, food habit, their architect, art , jewelry , dressing , attitude of the people towards us. Didn't we buy kancheepuram pattu when we visited Tamilnadu? Taj mahal models when you visit agra etc. Travel makes and brings lot of changes in you.

We are always happy to get any improvements, suggestions or more details. please free to write to us. You can like us in facebook, google plus or tweet too :).

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