Heart of the Niagara Falls

"Let the day extend for today alone so that we keep on soaking the beauty of natural wonder Niagara Falls". - SriKri
If you are visiting Niagara falls, make sure to visit both USA and Canada sides. This will give you complete picture of the falls. In this post we will take you through Canada side of the falls.

After last nights mesmerizing view of falls from USA, we headed to Canada. Clearing immigration was very quick and easy. It is advisable to carry Canada dollar, as in some place USD is exchanged for CAD 1:1.

There are lots of parking place available. But during weekend, that to long weekend, getting parking near falls is not easy. We managed to park our car few kilometer away from the cruise. We strolled along the side of Niagara pathway enjoying the nature and magnificent beauty.

Horseshoe Falls

This is also called as Canadian falls, as most of the falls is in Canada. We took the Hornblower Niagara Cruises to get near the falls. There was long queue waiting for their turn to board. We were given red waterproof poncho before boarding. This boat takes you near American Falls, bridal falls and then finally into heart of the falls. Whooo!!! what a fantastic place to be. So close to the falls. Even though we were fully covered, still we got wet due to the mist and the wind blowing towards us. The whipping wind blew and the mist hit the boat thereby making everybody wet. It was like a storming rain and not the mizzle. The moment we could feel the experience of people  when the Titanic ship got hit by the iceberg. Don't  worry we are completely safe here ;-) . We had couple of minutes to enjoy the falls.


Maid of the Mist tour operates from American side and Hornblower cruise operates from Canadian side. These two offers a couple of different types of cruises and check the prices on their respective websites.


Direction from Niagara US to Hornblower Cruise Niagara, Canada

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