Twist in the Fantastic Fireworks and Illumination of Niagara Falls on Canada Day

We completed our trolley tour and got down near observation desk. That is what we thought so. After alighting, we realized it was different location than what we had planned. We walked few miles to reach the top of American Falls. We were very much excited to see both illumination and fireworks. Already illumination of the falls had began. Wowww!! what a lovely view it was. Spent 30 minutes enjoying the colours on the falls and capturing photos. Then we started searching for best location to capture fireworks. Before locating the position we tried to understand the place of firework display. After interacting with few people, we positioned our self few minutes before the start. But placing tripod and taking photo in the crowed was not going to be easy. Ahhh... Fireworks was just few minutes to start and battery completely drained out capturing illuminated falls. We were lucky that the near by shop  was opened. We charged till the start of the fireworks.

It was a Canada day. Hence the fireworks was on the Canadian side. The spectacular fireworks display lasted for 10 minutes. There was lot of wow moments during the display. This is the first time we have seen a fireworks in such a large scale and we were happy to capture it. We were initially skeptical about taking photos as we had left the initial place and we had to be content standing behind the crowd. As the event started, we were able to get near the railings and take picture without any obstruction.

Once the fireworks was over, we then proceeded to observation desk. This is another vantage point where one can see the illumination of the falls. It was already 11 pm and we did not feel like leaving the place. We reluctantly left the place. We had to leave as we had to travel back 15 miles and start our Canada tour the next day.

We loved the trip to Niagara falls. What an awesome view it was. "God has planned something special for us".

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  1. I so hope to see illumination and fireworks there, hopefully next year 😊

  2. Niagara is beautifully illuminating in lights... Lovely captures...


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