Get a real close to the Niagara falls - Cave of the Winds

Why Niagara is natural wonder? Wait wait... we will take you along with our wonderful journey to Niagara in our series of posts.
Are you ready  to get wet? Then your first stop should be Cave of the wind from the American side. The entrance is near parking lot 3. After buying the ticket head straight to get the slippers and plastic cover. Put all your belongings inside the cover provided. Then follow the sign and take the elevator to reach the Cave of the wind.

There are series of decks at the falls which takes you to different vantage point. At the lower desk we spotted the rainbow that was playing hide and seek. You can see the full rainbow very near. There was an area where we could even touch the water falls. The top most part of the cave of the wind is the Hurricane Deck. Hurricane Deck is the area where we are real close up to the falls. OMG what a view!!!

Here the falls is directly above us. It is so lovely  to watch the water splashing on us. We were totally mesmerized by the view of Bridal Veil Falls. The thundering sound of the falls, rushing through the rock, the gushing wind partially drenching with the mist makes the falls beautiful. Got wet in spite of the ponchos. Holding the hand together tears were rolling as we gazed at the waterfalls as well as enjoying the rainbow. Our heart was dancing on seeing such a lovely view. We could feel how the mother nature has given the human to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature.

From Canada side one can visit Journey behind the falls. But the experience is different from that of Cave of the winds. We were in dilemma to choose between American side and Canada side. We had brainstormed with friends and relatives who had visited both the sides and we browsed through the websites to get some idea some about the place. We read that, in "Journey behind the falls" one can experience the falls from behind and cannot touch the falls. Finally we decided to go for "Cave of the winds". One day we would like to visit from Canada side.

1) Use waterproof camera/phone to enjoy the mighty Falls
2) During summer, one or two hours before the sunset, the light directly shines on the Bridal Veil falls. This gives photographer chance to take good pictures.
Entry fees:
Cave of the winds(USA) in USD:
Adult: $17.00
Child (6-12 years): $14.00,  (less than 6 years): FREE

Journey-behind-the-falls(Canada) in CAD:
Adult: $16.25 + Tax
 Child (5-12 years): $11+tax, (less than 5 years): FREE 

   American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls

Enjoying at Hurricane Deck:

Map of Cave of the Winds/Parking Lot:

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