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This is our first trip to Niagara falls. Only in films and posters did we see boat filled with people in blue, red ponchos and water gushing at the waterfalls. We were in awe of Niagara falls. After long years of wait, we planned our trip and finally made it.

It was 7-8 hours long drive to Niagara falls from Middletown. This is also our first ever long drive outside India. So we were little apprehensive about the journey. It was the start of long weekend in US and it was also a Canada day. But the very site of waterfalls was in our eyes/mind. This urge to see this place was above all other thoughts and we went on with the plan.

On the way we took several breaks. There are service area/rest area every ~35 miles (~56 km). Hundred miles before the destination at the service area we visited tour office. They provide discounts on the tours and guaranteed car park free of cost. But we had our own plans which did not match the tour. We took some brochure related to Niagara falls and left. Based on the information, we modified our plan while on drive.

We checked-in into the Hotel in Buffalo and took short break and freshened up. We were told that getting parking near the waterfalls would be difficult. But we were surprised and happy to find lots of place for parking when we reached at 5 pm. That to close to the attraction.

Wowwwww! what a spectacular waterfalls. This was our reaction when we saw the waterfalls for the first time. We couldn't take our eyes out of it and we were speechless for a moment.

1) There are lots of parking space near "Cave of Winds". Check this place first. Parking fee is as low as $10 for a day.
2) If you don't There is parking place near information center. This is approximately 20 minutes by walk from the "Cave of Winds".


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