Memorable trip to California - USA

We booked the ticket to San Francisco (SFO), California through Emirates. It takes about 20 hours of flight and 2 hours of layoff at Dubai International Airport. Emirates has a good entertainment provider and you will get chance to see the wonderful view of the Greenland ice sheet. Ten minutes before landing in SFO, we could see the Golden Gate Bridge from the plane. Wow what a view!


Below are link to the places we visited in California during our trip.

1) San Fransisco

2) Napa Valley
3) Big Sur

4) Mystery Spot

5) Lake Tahoe

6) Sacramento


1) For information on applying US visa, check  http://www.immihelp.com/. This is really helpful website.
2) Check date and time on the flight ticket. We have seen people getting confused when the time of flight is after 12 midnight (AM) and have missed the flight.
3) If any of your friends or relatives are flying, you can track the flight live from https://flightaware.com/live/  or search in Google for flight tracker.

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