Trip to Dharamshala and Khajiar

We reached Dharamsala at about 5 o’clock in the evening.

Dharamshala - Monastery:

Dharamshala is a home to a number of Tibetan settlements and also residence of his holiness Dalai Lama. So, one can see many monasteries around this place. In monasteries, prayer bells and the walls were decorated with paintings. We were divided into many groups and auto were arranged to reach the Monastery. When we reached, it was their study time. Monks come here to study and master the major texts of Buddhist Sutra and Tantras. Tibetan monks debate are embellished with hand clapping and emphatic gestures thereby making the viewers to get involved in their way of teaching and we recorded video of this. During their free time we can see some of them playing Badminton. One of the monks explained us about their way of teaching. After this we went to hotel and took some rest. Then we went to nearby Shiva temple and another temple which looked like model of Vaishno Devi temple inside. We really had the feeling as if we were going to see Goddess Vaishnavi. It was arranged in cave like structure. Then we took a stroll nearby our hotel and saw the Cultural Program for few minutes and proceeded to Dinner.

Dalhousie and Khajiar:

Next morning we proceeded to Dalhousie and reached at about 1 pm. The guide informed about Khajiar’s Nature Beauty and Lake. As soon as he said about the presence of lake, we had lot of expectations and our imagination went to boating experience in Chandigarh’s Suhana Lake. We had our Lunch and arrived at Khajiar. When we reached we got really upset :( as we didn't see any lake. We started searching for lake and at last found it. But, we couldn’t believe our eyes. It was like a small pond and was not upto our expectation and imagination. There was a board near the lake (pond) with message written “Don’t put any waste items into the lake”, LOL. Apart from this, Khajiar was beautiful with lot of greenery. We had some cotton candy and enjoyed the nature’s beauty. Later we planned to visit apple garden on horse ride. But, some of the local people and our jeep driver said that there were no apples in the garden and of no use to visit. He insisted us to visit the Sanctuary before going back to Dalhousie. We agreed and went to Sanctuary to find no wild animals :(. We saw only cow grazing hahaha. We spent some time there and returned back to room.
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