Scenic drive in Gravel road - Bettamugilalam

Bettamugilalam is about 100 kms from Bangalore and 30 kms from Panchapalli Dam. From Panchapalli dam we proceeded towards Bettamugilalam.

The ride towards Bettamugilam was filled with thrilling experience. We followed the map to Bettamugilalam. We were half the way from destination. We checked Google map which showed U-turn and drive via Denkanikottai. But Nokia's HERE map showed different route. We got confused and asked many locals if the road will take us to Bettamugilam. Everyone said yes except one person (and he was correct) who directed as through Denkanikottai as Google map indicated. We were in total confusion which route to take. We made up our mind, took risk and continued the path we were going. After few kilometers we felt something was not correct. We asked the locals whether the car is accessible towards Bettamugilalam. He said yes car can go in this way. Still we were not convinced, but continued our journey. The road was very bad (no roads, only rocks) condition. At one point it became even more worst road to drive. As we were driving, again enquired with the person from the other side in his 2 wheeler. He scared us by saying it is time for herd of elephants to cross the road. Finally managed to reach Bettamugilalam before it was dark.

The road was bad but the surrounding scenery towards the Bettamugilam was awesome. Fresh air to breath and greenery all around. It was evening and the orange hue was making the sky more lovely. When we were approaching the check post at Ariyur forest, the police asked how did we manage to come as there was no road. That is when we realised that "unpaved road" option was checked in map.

The 4 km of unpaved gravel roads was not easy. But enjoyed the drive. It is best to drive 2 wheeler in these path than travelling in the car.

Note: There is no facility like restaurant and rest room.

Map: The route we took.

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