Bheema's Gigantic Footprint @ Bheemana Hejje

Can you imagine the size of the Bheema's foot? Visit Bheemana Hejje located near Alur before Nelamangala, which is about 25 km from Bangalore. Here you will find gigantic left foot impression on the stone which is said to be of Bheema. If you are lost in middle or not able to find this place, ask the locals for Bheema Anjaneya Temple. 

Previous night there was heavy rainfall, this place was filled with water. Hence the impression is not clearly seen. We have tried our best to mark the impression.

Road opposite to Makali Govt. High School will lead you to Bheemana Hejje where you can see huge Hanuman Statue. One could easily miss this Govt. school. This is about 400 m from the Highway (Bangalore - Tumkur road).

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