Aivarkhandapur - Taste the scoop of Mahabharatha

It would be nice if you have a time machine to travel back to the period of Mahabharata.Would you like to travel in time machine to this place to experience a slice of Mahabharata? Then visit to Dharmeswara temple @Aivarkhandapur, a place near Hesarghatta situated just 25 km from Bengaluru.
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Five people (Pancha Pandavas) found this place, hence it is called Aivar-Khanda-Puram. The main sanctum of Dharmeswara temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Inside the temple, lingas are specially dedicated to Nakuleswara, Sahadeswara, Arjuneswara and Kuntigudi. It is said that these Shivalingas were consecrated by Pandavas during their vanavasam (exile). Later during Chola period this temple was built and later renovated. We can find Chola period inscription stone outside the temple premise.
Interesting Fact:

According to the priest, Bhima was angry with his brothers for losing in gambling. Hence, Bheema consecrated linga a few meters away from the Dharmeswara temple.
One may ask, when Pandavas were here, then there should be a Krishna temple also. But there is no mention about this. Wait! there is a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna For more information watch out for our next post :) .
Temple Timings: 8 am - 9:30 am
                            5 pm - 8 pm

Before planning to visit this temple, you can contact the temple priest.
Mobile # +91 9742481235


1. Better to pack food from home or have lunch at dhaba.
2. You can club this trip with Hesarghatta lake. When we visited, there was not much of water in the lake.

Other Information:

Map: Below are the co-ordinates, marked screen shot of the map and direction map. You can use the below co-ordinates in your GPS. We searched net and were not able to find this information. Hence for your convenience we have provided in both latitude/longitude and  degree format.

Latitude, Longitude: 13.137467, 77.495166
Degree, minutes, seconds: 13°08'14.9"N 77°29'42.6"E

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