Travel easy with 4G

After the launch of 4G, many people in India started to take 4G seriously as it has become reality. This is an era of smartphone which is powerful than ever before. Smartphones have overtaken computers as the most popular device for accessing the internet and people are always hooked to it. However powerful the phones may be,  this has to be supported by a high speed internet for loading the page faster, uploading lots of selfies/images,  downloading movies, music and lots more...

What to do with this unbelievable speeds provided by 4G? Here are some of our thoughts as how it will benefit us as a traveler, photographer and as a music teacher.

Augmented reality

This is one of the technology that is fast growing  and is closer to the real world. Augmented reality adds images,  videos, sounds and various other visual formats. To have this in real time, we need the power of speed for uploading/downloading,  which is easily available in 4G.  

As a travel enthusiasts couple,  we explore lots of places.  
  • One day it could so happen that we may come across a beautiful place/architecture/structure. But no one is there to guide us or provide information on this.
  • When we are hungry and searching for a restaurant, but unable to find any.
In these situation what shall we do? Take out the mobile, open the relevant app and point the camera  towards the building/place and get related information in a flash of second. This could be possible only with 4G.

Video/Music on the go

While traveling long distance, we tend to get bored. To engage ourselves, we listen to music or watch movie. But most of  the time it so happens that we would like  to listen to different music or watch a different movie other than what we have stored in our mobile. In that case,  4G could come to our rescue. Download movies in 3 minutes, watch HD video streaming without any interruption or listen to our favorite podcasting without  waiting for them to buffer with 4G.

Upload HD pictures on the go

As a passion towards photography and travel,  we take lots of photos and like to share HD images with our friends and relatives. To share these images on the move, we need a network that is capable of uploading many HD photos really fast. We believe that the one and only 4G is capable of this.

Music class on the go

As a Carnatic music teacher, one who teaches online face to face,  the travel should not  hinder online music teaching. To achieve this one need to have a high speed network with reliable connection where ever we go. 4G seems to be the best choice as it is available across 296 cities.
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