10 Best Place to see in Singapore - Part 2

Tampines Mall: 

1st thing in the morning we spent our time in Tampines, other near by mall and some shopping.

 China Town:

A vibrant and multi-cultural area, Pagoda street in China town welcomes us with full of lantern decoration, souvenier shops, shopping bags, clothing and many more at low price. Be cautious and check for the quality before buying.

Singapore Coins and Notes museum is also located here. It houses worlds largest coin outside the museum.

Mariamman Temple:

Mariamman Temple is located at the end of  Pagoda street. This is one of the oldest temple in Singapore. We were captivated by the paintings in the walls and ceilings. The main deity is Mariamman. Even the Singaporeans and Chinese people come and offer prayers, garland to the deity. Really it touched our heart.

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  1. Seeing your updates after a long time .. Good good .. keep going .. Mariaamman temple feeling like seeing in front after a long long time!! WOW Splendid!! Should visit this now.


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