Venice of the East - Malacca - Malaysia

Started early morning from Singapore in Toyota Alphard. We reached Johor-Singapore Causeway in 45 min. This is a bridge that connects Singapore and Malaysia. After immigration checks, we proceeded towards Malacca which is about 3 hours drive.

Malacca River Cruise - Venice of the East:

45 minute River cruise that takes gives you the experience of Venice.

Malacca Town:

A colonized area of Portuguese, Dutch  and British. This is a small town which can be covered by foot or cycle rickshaw adorned with flowers. We visited Sthadthuys which is located in the heart of Malacca town, "A Famosa" is a Portuguese fortress, Ruins Of St. Paul Church which is at the top of St. Paul's hill and did shopping.

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  1. Malacca river cruise a superb ride !! Venice of Asia .. Truly Asia Malaysia!!

  2. What is its right spellinge? Malacca, Melaca? Melaka? I have seen different usages


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