Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

Reached Kuala Lumpur in the evening.

Pameran Raja Kita:

Exhibits the Malaysia's constitutional monarchy, royal regalia, royal couple's birth (The King and the Queen of Malaysia), their childhood days, hobbies etc.

National monument:

The sculpture is erected to honor the memory of Heroes who died in struggle for Freedom against Japanese in 2nd World War.

Kuala Lumpur tower(KL Tower): 

A tall structure tower in which one can get the beautiful view of the city as well as Petronaus Twin tower  from its peak.

Petronaus Twin Tower: 

Icon of Malaysia. We had a spectacular night view from outside. Wow! what an architecture, truly amazing. If you are planning to visit inside tower and also skybridge (that connects the tower), kindly go early and get the ticket as they sell tickets only in limited numbers and are issued on a first come first serve.

After this we went for shopping in the nearby place.

Had a scrumptious Breakfast. Then we went to Sangeetha hotel to pack up some take away food. If you are pure vegetarian it is better to buy takeaway foods from here since you get the quality food at reasonable rate.

Day 2:
Batu Caves:

A limestone hills with a series of caves with a Hindu temple. We were stunned to see the gigantic statue of Lord Muruga (42.7 metres) at the entrance. Holding hands together climbed 272 steps, viewed the beautiful skyline of Malaysia and reached the temple cave. Had wonderful darshan and were given prasadam. What a divine feeling..... Totally engrossed in it :). The walls of the cave is beautifully carved with Arupadai Veedu (his six battle abodes). From here, few steps more takes you to goddess Valli Devayani temple on top.

Genting Skyway:

The wow factor comes once you come to this place. A gondola lift (cable car ride) which takes you to the mesmerising view of the surrounding and steep hills. Always better to go as early as possible. One of the longest and fastest gondola lifts in south east Asia. Don't worry if you plan a trip on weekend and peak periods, they operates till midnight. Got the ticket for one way. The real adventures starts once you starts towards the peak. We were so thrilled to travel. At one place it stopped for a second and then raised. Completed the journey in 11 minutes.

Genting Theme park:

At this place the weather was sooooo cold and it was killing us, as we were not prepared for it. Some how managed for few minutes and moved to indoor games. Most of the outdoor games had been stopped as it started raining and due to bad weather. There was looong queue for indoor games. We patiently waited and tried most of the games. Had a loads of fun here.

Chin Swee Caves Temple:

Near to Genting there is a beautiful Buddhist temple with Chinese architecture. By the time we reached this place, luckily rain stopped. The chambers of hell and the huge statue of Buddha are very interesting. Reminded us about the type of hell that we studied in Srimad Bhaghavatham.

Left to Singapore and reached late night.
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