Dandayudhapani Swami Temple at Pazhani is one of the six battle abode of  lord Muruga.

Travelled in Tuticorin express and alighted at Dindigul at about 6:30 am. From here took bus to Pazhani, reached there at about 8 am. Quickly freshened up, had breakfast and started to the the Dhandayudhapani temple. He is always known as Tamil God.

We took rope car instead of winch to the hill-top. Wow! What a superb experience to travel in rope car. Our mind captured beauty of the hills and its surroundings. It took 2 min to reach the top of the hill. Had good darshan of lord Muruga, milk abhisekam was going on. Felt soooo happy and spell bounded. Reminded us about the bhajan songs "pazhaniyile murugannukku paal-abhisekam sabariyile aiyyannukku nei-abhisekam inge pal abhisekam ange nei-abhisekam". The song is the comparison between the Pazhani as well as Sabarimalai. What a simple god! having baton in his hand in standing posture with loincloth.

Pazhani is the third abode among the six battle abode. The idol of lord Muruga consists of  navapashanam (combination of nine minerals).

How the city got its name Pazhani?

The legend goes like this... Once the great sage named Narada went to mount Kailash and presented the wisdom fruit (Mango) to lord Shiva and Parvati. At that time lord Vinayaka as well his brother Karthikeya (lord Muruga) eagerly waiting to  get the fruit. Lord Shiva framed the idea that to get the fruit one should go around the world and come back first. Lord Muruga seated on his hopping peacock and started to circle the world. Lord Ganesha conceived the plan and circled his parents. When asked by lord Shiva he answered that the parents denotes the world. Lord Shiva was impressed with the answer and gave the fruit. Lord Muruga came around the world and finally arrived. He saw that his brother Ganesha had the fruits in his hand. He got angered and went to the South hill called Thiru Avaninkudi. If he had not come to South, how would he have got the name Tamil God? Lord Shiva and others followed and told lord Muruga that you are the Wisdom fruit (pazham nee). Hence the name Pazhani.

Want to visualise the story then see the famous Tamil Classic movie Thiruvilaiyadal.

Everyone is sure to remember the famous Tamil Song "pazhaniappa gnana pazhaniappa". Wow! how sweet  to listen to this song.

Whoever visits will not forget to get the Sacred Ashes and Panchamirtham Prasadam. Who will not love to taste the Panchamirtham from Pazhani? Spent some time seeing and enjoying the pious feeling there.

Had an excellent pious trip.
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