Shivasamudram is a place where the river Cauvery splits into 2 beautiful falls namely Gaganachukki and Barachukki falls (Bluff) and Asia’s first Hydro Electric power station established during the year 1902, is also located.

Hydro Electric power station

We started early in the morning from Bangalore so that we could avoid getting caught in traffic. Just after Maddur and far before Mallavali, we stopped for our breakfast which we had packed it at home. After this we headed towards Shivasamudram. We first went to Gaganachukki falls which is 5 km inside from the main road and reached at 9:15 am. The falls is approximately 1988 above sea level and the weather was very hot. Thank God we had taken our caps. We were relished by seeing the falls and it was much more spectacular to view falls with the binocular. We were able to view even a tiny droplet of water from the falls.

Gaganachukki falls
After few minutes we left to Barachukki falls which is on the other side of Gaganachukki falls. Reached there about 11’o clock in the morning. One can view Barachukki falls from close distance. For this we had to walk down the steps which are very steep. Much care has to be taken while climbing down the steps. When we reached there and took coracle ride to go near the falls. For few seconds we enjoyed coracle ride under falls and we took video and photos of it. We were tired after climbing steps. Hence we took some rest, had coconut drink and proceeded to Talakad.

Barachukki falls

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